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Its been a while…

Well, my semester of class ended on Tuesday. Yet, I still really haven’t found much time to do anything… I mean, I guess I did do a little bit of work on Sonatina, Yabause, KallistiOS, and Sylverant… Mainly, I’ve been … Continue reading

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Longing for simpler times

Its times like now, when I look at my schedule and see almost no free time for the next month that I sit and long for days passed. Life was so much simpler as an undergraduate. Go to class, do … Continue reading

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Trying to make good use of my Spring Break

So, I’ve been on Spring Break for the past few days, and I’ve been trying to make good use of it to catch up on some relaxation time (since I’ve been sorely missing that lately). However, its looking like I … Continue reading

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Finally did something with Sylverant

Well, after about 3 weeks of not really doing anything of value with Sylverant, I decided to work on it a bit today. Got a few nagging issues taken care of with relation to multi-lingual quest support on the ship … Continue reading

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Well, I think this paper I’ve been working on for work is finally almost done, and even better, it looks like my boss finally thinks its looking mostly good. Maybe I’ll actually have some free time sometime soon to work … Continue reading

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Well, if I’m going to do this…

… I should probably actually update at least every few days, right? Anyway, its been rare that I find time to work on any (non-work) code lately, especially not Sylverant related stuff. I actually did manage to do something just … Continue reading

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