IPv6 in PSO

So, as I’ve alluded to a few times now, I really feel like PSO needs to be saved when the IPv4 apocalypse comes at some point in the future. We’re not there yet, but when we do it will be a sad day if PSO can’t make the jump. The game itself doesn’t support IPv6 at all, and thus requires IPv4. However, a lot of the problems with this can be alleviated with some sort of proxy sitting in the middle (along with a few small modifications to the PSO protocol to actually support IPv6 where it matters).

I’ve started on that work. I have a proxy written that will deal with everything from the patch server and the login server of Sylverant. Both of these pieces of the server have been modified to support IPv6 as well. So far, the only modifications to the PSO protocol have been in the redirect packets used by each of these. In addition to these changes, its possible to connect ship servers to the shipgate over IPv6 at this point as well (that was done for World IPv6 Day, and Iselia is connected to the shipgate in this manner). Allowing connections from clients to ship server will be a little bit more involved, but I’ll get to that sometime soon, hopefully. With all of this, maybe PSO won’t die for a long time.

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