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Happy Birthday to Me

As lame as it is, I’ll use this space to wish myself a happy birthday. Who knows what will come of the day (or if it will even be particularly happy), but I should probably go to bed sometime soon, … Continue reading

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Scripting Sylverant

So, one of the more interesting ideas I’ve had bouncing around in my head for a while for Sylverant was providing the ability to modify the behavior of the server without modifying the main code. What this means is that … Continue reading

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Its been a while…

Well, my semester of class ended on Tuesday. Yet, I still really haven’t found much time to do anything… I mean, I guess I did do a little bit of work on Sonatina, Yabause, KallistiOS, and Sylverant… Mainly, I’ve been … Continue reading

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Presentation… done!

So, I had my final presentation of the semester project for the one class I’m taking this semester earlier. Now that that is done, all that’s left for class (other than a simple paper reviewing assignment) is the final exam. … Continue reading

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Its been a while since I said anything…

Well, its been a rather busy couple of weeks for me, so I’ve had almost no time to even think. Anyway, I’m finally almost done with my final project for my class this semester, and stuff for work is winding … Continue reading

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