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Well, last night, I managed to get one ending done on Ar tonelico III, so I feel good about that. Although, the ending was kinda sad (even though it wasn’t the “Bad” Ending). Oh, and I managed to find a … Continue reading

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Back to the old grind…

So, my spring break is over, and I’m back to the same-old same-old. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to finish playing Ar tonelico III over the break (not even the bad ending), so I guess I’m going to have to find … Continue reading

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Trying to make good use of my Spring Break

So, I’ve been on Spring Break for the past few days, and I’ve been trying to make good use of it to catch up on some relaxation time (since I’ve been sorely missing that lately). However, its looking like I … Continue reading

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In case it wasn’t obvious

This is why I wish I wasn’t here today:

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How much I wish…

…that I didn’t have any classes today. If only that were the case, I’d still be at home right now. Instead, I’m here. Not at home. Not able to play the game that came in the mail yesterday…

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So, its the 14th of March (or 3.14), so that makes it Pi Day. So, happy Pi Day to anyone that’s paying attention.

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Tinkering with KOS…

So, for the first time in a while, I decided to actually sit down and try to get some stuff done with KallistiOS. Chilly Willy had put out a patch to add color support to the biosfont stuff, and I … Continue reading

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So, as I mentioned earlier, Ar tonelico III is due out in the US in a week (Gamestop has it pegged for a release on Tuesday, March 15th). Apparently, NISA’s online store has started getting the ball rolling a bit … Continue reading

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Ar tonelico III due out in a week

Not that anyone probably cares, but in honor of Ar tonelico III’s release in the US, I’ll be listening to the soundtracks to the various Ar tonelico games all week. Just in case anyone notices any strange mood swings or … Continue reading

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Tag editing is annoying…

So, for the past couple of days or so, I’ve been working on extending SonatinaTag to support mutable (writeable) tags. In this way, Sonatina would actually be able to write tags, and not just read them (one of the few … Continue reading

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