Mac OS X Lion

I, like so many others, decided to update to Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) on release day. So far, its been mostly a smooth ride, but there were a few hiccups along the way. So, for my first few hours quick review:

The good:

  • Almost all of the applications I use on a daily basis seem to work just fine, including Sonatina (and amazingly Xcode 3.2 still seems to work)
  • Everything seems just as snappy as before, maybe even a bit more snappy than it was
  • Logs of the previous sessions in Terminal are a nice touch
  • Terminal in all its full-screen glory!

The bad:

  • NTFS-3G is freaking out at me on every boot. I’ve just disabled it for now, because I’m too lazy to figure out why its doing what its doing (its not an issue with the 64-bit kernel, since I was running that in Snow Leopard too).
  • The Mac App Store has been rather slow all day, so I can’t install Xcode 4.1 yet (Xcode 3.2 still works, but Xcode 4.0 refuses to start on Lion)
  • Scrolling acts contrary to what one normally expects on a normal OS (much like it does on multi-touch smartphones). Not really a big problem, but does take a bit of getting used to.

The ugly:

  • Applications that ignored Apple’s UI guidelines before or ignored the correct APIs or something that act strange… Like Firefox (note the scrollbar on the right).

All-in-all, I’m fairly satisfied so far. Dunno how much I’m going to hate the autocorrect that seems to have been brought over from iOS…

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IPv6 in PSO

So, as I’ve alluded to a few times now, I really feel like PSO needs to be saved when the IPv4 apocalypse comes at some point in the future. We’re not there yet, but when we do it will be a sad day if PSO can’t make the jump. The game itself doesn’t support IPv6 at all, and thus requires IPv4. However, a lot of the problems with this can be alleviated with some sort of proxy sitting in the middle (along with a few small modifications to the PSO protocol to actually support IPv6 where it matters).

I’ve started on that work. I have a proxy written that will deal with everything from the patch server and the login server of Sylverant. Both of these pieces of the server have been modified to support IPv6 as well. So far, the only modifications to the PSO protocol have been in the redirect packets used by each of these. In addition to these changes, its possible to connect ship servers to the shipgate over IPv6 at this point as well (that was done for World IPv6 Day, and Iselia is connected to the shipgate in this manner). Allowing connections from clients to ship server will be a little bit more involved, but I’ll get to that sometime soon, hopefully. With all of this, maybe PSO won’t die for a long time.

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World IPv6 Day

WORLD IPV6 DAY is 8 June 2011 – The Future is Forever
For those of you who actually pay any attention to this blog (anyone still around?) tomorrow is World IPv6 Day. What is World IPv6 Day, you may ask? Well, I’ll defer to the official site for that one. Anyway, I’ve personally had IPv6 setup in my home for a while now (and this site, as well as the root of the site have been accessible over IPv6 for a while too), and figured I should get involved in World IPv6 Day somehow more than just having my sites accessible.

Anyway, I’ll leave it at that for now. I doubt anyone will care at all about what I’m doing for World IPv6 Day, but it will be important sometime in the future when nobody has IPv4 addresses anymore. Mark my words.

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Happy Birthday to Me

As lame as it is, I’ll use this space to wish myself a happy birthday. Who knows what will come of the day (or if it will even be particularly happy), but I should probably go to bed sometime soon, so that I actually feel like getting out of bed in the morning…

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Scripting Sylverant

So, one of the more interesting ideas I’ve had bouncing around in my head for a while for Sylverant was providing the ability to modify the behavior of the server without modifying the main code. What this means is that on certain actions within the server, a script of some sort will be able to be called to act on the action. While it may seem a bit silly on first glance, the main attraction of this initially was to be able to have server-side special game events for PSO.

Think of it this way, what if you wanted to be able to set something up to reward people for killing lots of monsters. It would be relatively easy to do this if you wanted to confine it to a quest, but what if you wanted it to apply OUTSIDE of a quest? Yes, this could be built into the server code, but then it wouldn’t be much of a “special event” would it?

Another potential use for this event support is in prototyping new code for the server. Sometimes its a pain to have to recompile everything every time a small change is to be made to support something (like say, PSO Episode III). It’d be much more convenient to just modify a script and continue on for that.

So, after a bit of puttering around with the idea, I decided to start implementing it using Python as the scripting language. The start of this work was committed as r428 of the Sylverant SVN repository. While it can’t do much yet, hopefully it provides a nice base for where I want to go with it.

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Its been a while…

Well, my semester of class ended on Tuesday. Yet, I still really haven’t found much time to do anything… I mean, I guess I did do a little bit of work on Sonatina, Yabause, KallistiOS, and Sylverant…

Mainly, I’ve been using this past almost week for relaxing a bit. That, by itself anyway, is starting to get a bit boring… I guess I should get to doing some real work on my projects to stave off the boredom, eh?

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Presentation… done!

So, I had my final presentation of the semester project for the one class I’m taking this semester earlier. Now that that is done, all that’s left for class (other than a simple paper reviewing assignment) is the final exam. Although I hate final exams, somehow I have the feeling that everything will work out fine in the end…

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Its been a while since I said anything…

Well, its been a rather busy couple of weeks for me, so I’ve had almost no time to even think. Anyway, I’m finally almost done with my final project for my class this semester, and stuff for work is winding down as well. Overall, its probably my fault for not working more on the project for my class earlier in the semester, but then again, I had a lot of stuff for work going on then…

I should have some free time sometime soonish to actually work on Sylverant or something… As long as work doesn’t pick up and take away any time I have, anyway.

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Longing for simpler times

Its times like now, when I look at my schedule and see almost no free time for the next month that I sit and long for days passed. Life was so much simpler as an undergraduate. Go to class, do my work, and still have time to have fun or work on some code. Alas, everyone has to grow up sometime, whether we want to or not.

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Orioles Magic

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I’m a bit of a sports fan. Not a huge one, but I at least follow my favorite teams throughout the season. Specifically, I follow the NFL and the MLB. Now, I’ve always been a bit of a homer, someone who roots for his home team. Who can blame me, I mean, I’ve lived in the same area for practically all of my life (if you don’t count the two 3-month periods that I lived in the Seattle area). I grew up rooting for the Baltimore Orioles, and fell for the Baltimore Ravens when they came to town in the mid 1990s.

Of course, anyone that knows recent MLB history would probably know that the Orioles have been in the basement of the MLB for more than a decade now. Heck, their last winning season (more games won than lost) was in 1997. Those were the glory days for me. The days of Cal Ripken and the like. That magic seemed all but lost in the Baltimore area. The season always starts with that clear-eyed optimism, which quickly seems to give way to the realization that the Orioles were going to have another losing season… Last year, for instance, they started out with 2 wins in their first 18 games (that’s how quickly the optimism goes away). Hell, they didn’t win their 4th game last year until the 27th of April, the 20th game of their season.

However, things started looking up as last year came to a close. The O’s hired a new manager, Buck Showalter, and suddenly something very interesting happened to the bottom of the basement team: they started winning games. They won 34 of the last 57 games last year, one of the best records for that period of the year in the MLB. That winning didn’t stop there either, as it seems to be carrying into this season as well. The Orioles have won their first 4 games of the season, giving up a total of 4 runs to the competition during that time. Hopefully this is a sign of things still to come.

It looks like after more than a decade, that Orioles Magic might be back in Baltimore. Its a long season, but maybe this is the Orioles’ year.

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